Academic Information

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Biblical Studies is a four-year program for students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree or higher-level degree at another college. Acceptance is conditional upon submission of official college Transcripts which show evidence of their earned degree, and a copy of that schools catalog. It consists of 80 semester credits earned at CCBC, combined with the Associate of Arts degree or higher.

Associate in Theology is a four-year program intended for students who have completed high school, a G.E.D. Program, or the equivalent. Students must take all the required courses at Calvary Chapel Bible College and pass them with a grade of C- or better.

Certificate of Completion – Program is a course of study intended for students who are not prepared for college level academics or are not high school graduates. Some of the students who choose this program are those with learning disabilities or those for whom academics are extremely difficult. The spiritual training in this program is identical to that of the Associate in Theology and the Bachelor in Biblical Studies. In the Certificate Program, the students complete the courses on a Pass/Fail basis and this requires the student to attend classes 100% of the time and complete assignments to a passing standard. Students must receive a grade of ‘P’ in all classes.
Also a total of 80 credits must be earned by the student. Students walk through the graduation ceremony and receive the Certificate of Completion just as a degree student.

Audit Program – Students who desire to grow spiritually without earning credits may apply for the Audit Program. Audit students are not required to do homework and must attend class at least 70% of the time in order to receive the grade of Satisfactory Audit (AU). Audit students do not earn credit and do not earn a certificate or degree of any kind.

Graduation Requirements

80 semester credits must be completed with a passing grade of C- or above to graduate. A maximum of 60 credits may be taken at CCBC Castle Rock and applied towards graduation. The other 20 credits must be taken on location at the main campus in Murietta California, or taken through their online program found at:

In order to graduate, students must also participate in an Evangelistic Outreach at some point while attending CCBC or its affiliates and submit an Evangelistic Outreach form during the graduation process.

*It is the responsibility of the student to track his or her progress toward a degree through the use of the graduation worksheet available from the Registrar’s Office.

Graduation Procedures – Potential graduates must sign up for a graduation interview with the Director when they register for their last semester. They will review records, resolve academic conflicts, verify degree level and complete a petition to graduate during the graduation interview. In addition, we will schedule the graduation ceremony rehearsal and various meetings for the graduates at that time. This must be completed no later than the 8th week of the final semester for that student.

Graduation Policy – CCBC trains persons for Christian ministry and leadership; it demands a high standard of character and conduct as measured by the Scriptures. Students who by the evaluation of the faculty and administration do not demonstrate these qualities during their degree or certificate program will not be recommended for graduation.

Students must be recommended by the faculty to obtain graduate status prior for graduation. Fulfillment of degree requirements does not guarantee a recommendation to graduation. Calvary Chapel Bible College reserves the right to dismiss students at any time for any reason deemed appropriate by the administrative staff. Prior to degree completion the student may be required by Calvary Chapel Bible College to furnish additional and/or updated information to ensure accuracy and a complete file.

Academic Regulations

Policy – CCBC requires 100 percent attendance for all classes taken by students. Classes are conducted in a manner that will encourage academic excellence and the growth of Christian character. The final authority for attendance rests with the Registrar.

Whenever an absence occurs (for whatever reason) the student must make up the class. In addition, any homework that was due the day of absence should be included as well. This must be completed and submitted within two weeks of the absence.

All Absences will incur a penalty. In the event of excessive absences due to illness and/or family emergencies, the student may need to withdraw from school and return the following semester when his or her health improves.

Tardies – Being tardy will effect academic Grade.

Grade – Point System
Listed below is the grading scale that Calvary Chapel Bible College uses.

A 95 – 100, A- 90 – 94, B+ 88 – 89, B 84 – 87
B- 80 – 83, C+ 78 – 79, C 74 – 77, C- 70 – 73
D+ 68 – 69, D 64 – 67, D- 60 – 63, F 59 and Below
W Withdrawal

Note: Any grade below a C- cannot be credited toward a degree, it is considered failing. W Withdrawal: Given during the first 5 weeks of classes. When a student officially withdrawals from class. A W does not affect the student GPA.

Academic Probation

Students whose cumulative GPA drops below 2.0, or whose previous semester GPA is below 2.0, are placed on academic probation for the following semester. Continued attendance at Calvary Chapel Bible College for these students is dependent upon meeting the following requirements:

1. 100% attendance in all classes.
2. Initial and follow-up meetings with a staff member for academic accountability.
3. Students who are unable or unwilling to raise their GPA the next semester will either be asked not to reapply or be changed to the Pass/Fail system (Degree of Completion program). Students who desire to continue toward a degree will be offered academic tutoring.

Further consequences of Academic Probation include:

Automatic change to the Pass/Fail system after two consecutive semesters of Academic Probation.
Denial of re-enrollment if there has been a problem with diligence in the CM199 class, attitude, discipline, or any other area of non-repentant hardness of heart.

Those denied re-enrollment will be eligible to reapply after a one year probation period. Students must earn a grade of C or better in all required courses. Grades of D or lower will not be considered a passing grade for any required course. F is a failing grade. Any course in which a D or lower is received cannot be applied toward a degree or certificate.

Tuition & Fees

Credit Students:

Application Fee (non- refundable) ————————-$25.00
Registration Fee (per semester) —————————-$25.00
Tuition Fee (per class) —————————————$50.00

Audit Student:

Tuition (per class) ———————————————$25.00
Textbooks (Not included in the Tuition Fee)

Financial Aid

At Calvary Chapel Bible College , we attempt to keep the cost affordable for more students to attend. We do not participate in government supported financial aid programs or guaranteed student loans.

Refund Policy

Prior to the first day of classes, students are eligible for a full refund of tuition. On or after the first day of classes, refunds are given according to the following schedule. During the 6th-16th week there is no refund given. If a student leaves during this time they will still be liable for the entire tuition.

Weeks Attended % of Tuition to be Refunded

Up to week 2 70%
Up to week 3 60%
Up to week 4 50%
Up to week 5 40%

While every effort is made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, Calvary Chapel Bible College reserves the right to alter, without notice statements in the catalog concerning policies, procedures, academic offerings, and tuition fees.